The combination of drawing and travelling has played a major part in my artwork. I was born in London where I lived until my mid-twenties and studied at Chelsea School of Art.  London  proved to be a great city to grow-up and study. Living in such a culturally rich city which is constantly changing fuelled both of my passions for art and travel.
Destinations including Morocco, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Iberian Peninsular Italy , France, Turkey, Ireland and Britain have been recorded in my sketch-books. Each new destination has inspired me to work in a different way by experimenting with paint techniques including sgraffito, collage, screen-print and mixed media on wood, paper and canvas. With some of  my recent work I have been exploring the bustle and frenetic energy of Moroccan markets and busy cities including London.  The sketch-books are an important means of recording and documenting the places experienced and also a source for producing the larger paintings. 
The coastlines of Ireland and Britain and wetlands of East Anglia always prove challenging and exciting subjects. I often return to places to see how time has effected them, this could be the result of natural changes, such as the weather and erosion or man-made influences. I aim to create a sense of the journey by producing the paintings in a series .These paintings will often explore different views of a subject over a period of time.
With the recent Dorset series I spent time cycling, walking and kayaking along the Purbeck Coast, recording  the journey in my sketch-book. On the surface of these paintings are old maps, postcards, correspondence and materials from the area. Washes of dilute  paint are applied to the surface and absorb into the layers of collage. The paintings are then refined with greater detail, whilst allowing areas of the collage to remain visible.
Whilst travelling I have exhibited in New Zealand and Portugal. I have had numerous exhibitions in the UK and have participated in the Cambridge Open Studios since 2003. For more information about my work or commissions you are welcome to contact me, or to arrange a visit to my studio. 
Most recent exhibitions:
Museum of Classical Archaeology, Cambridge, 2007
 The Upstairs Gallery, Beccles, 2010
Espacio Gallery , London, 2012-14
 Tanner and Lawson, London, 2013
The Lounge, Bury St Edmunds, 2012, 2013
Addenbrooke's Arts 2014
The Old Fire Engine House, 2012, 2014
St Andrews, Cambridge, 2015
Alison Richard Building, Cambridge, 2015
L'Artische Gallery, Swanage, Dorset,  Nov 2015
Addenbrooke's Arts, Cambridge 20th Oct to 8th Dec 2016
Cambridge Envisaged, Michaelhouse Centre, Cambridge, 7th to 19th Nov 2016